Our Team

Jay Christman
Football Team: Ohio State
Food: Sea Food
Drink: Beer
Movie: Lone Survivor
Book: Bible
Music: Rock
Special Skill: Art & Carpentry
Andy Cheetham
Logistics & Customer Service Representative
Football Team: Indianapolis Colts
Food: Corned Beef & Cabbage
Drink: Black IPA
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2
Book: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Music: Anything by Tool
Special Skill: Beer Making
Alec Aquino
Customer Service Representative
Football Team: Cleveland Browns
Food: Italian
Drink: Root Beer
Movie: American Sniper
Book: Night by Elie Wiesel
Music: Country/Hip Hop
Special Skill: “like Kobe in his prime”
Aspen Besso
Customer Service Representative
Football Team: Volleyball/Baseball
Food: Love to try new things
Drink: V8
Movie: All of Tim Burton’s work
Book: Anything Steven King
Music: A little bit of everything
Special Skill: Writing, arts & crafts
Ryan Foster
Account Manager
Football Team: Indianapolis Colts
Food: Beef Jerky, duh!
Drink: Zombie Dust
Movie: The Guardian
Book: Where the Wild Things Are
Music: Classic Rock
Special Skill: Selling Tires
Ryan Cheetham
Territory Sales Manager
Football Team: Indianapolis Colts
Food: Cheeseburger
Drink: Ice Cold Beer
Movie: Blackhawk Down
Book: Lone Survivor
Music: Foo Fighters
Special Skill: Jack of all trades, master of none
Ryan Nolan
PM Warehouse Supervisor
Football Team: Ohio State Buckeyes
Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Drink: Jack & Coke
Movie: Forrest Gump
Book: Maximum Ride
Music: Wiz Khalifa
Special Skill: Can make great Pterodactyl noise
Clint Highfield
Football Team: Colts
Food: Pizza
Drink: Mountain Dew
Movie: Hacksaw Ridge
Book: —
Music: Country
Special Skill: Taxidermy 
Ed Gibeaut
Football Team: Colts
Food: Lobster
Drink: Bloody Mary
Movie: Pulp Fiction
Book: Bible
Music: Anything But Rap
Special Skill: Billiards
James Allen
Football Team: Colts
Food: Mexican
Drink: Screwdriver 
Movie: Gone with the Wind
Book: Bible
Music: Classical
Special Skill: Tolerating people who are ignorant 
James Ellis
Warehouse Manager
Football Team: Notre Dame
Food: Parmesan Chicken w/noodles
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Movie: Saving Private Ryan
Book: Nikola Tesla biography
Music: Alternative Rock
Special Skill: Heartbreaker
Juan Townsend
Warehouse Professional
Football Team: Saints
Food: Burgers
Drink: Lemonade
Movie: Oceans 11
Book: Hunger Games
Music: Rap
Special Skill: Making Beats
David Gulliver
Football Team: Lions
Food: Buffalo Chicken Wings
Drink: Free Beer
Movie: Split
Book: Bible
Music: Heavy Metal
Special Skill: Juggling